Jeff Kujan, RATOBaby, the Dizzy

Jeff Kujan

Indie / Psychedelic from Atlanta GA


Rock from Florence AL

Formed in Florence, Alabama, RatoBaby has redefined the term of “experimental funk”. Originally started as a “jazz-folk” hybrid, RatoBaby has shaped themselves into a band that offers more than just meaningful lyrics, but also a unique sound with the absence of a typical guitar player. As they put it, “Most bands have a guitar. We wanted to do something different. It’s just our thing.” Leading on bass and vocals, songwriter Zach Dawson lures you in with catchy tunes and urgent singing. Howard Walker on drums and Daniel Neville on tenor sax round out the band, creating a perfect blend that leaves you wanting more. Now releasing their first full-length album, Idiot Savant, RatoBaby hopes their music will “play with your brain”.

the Dizzy

New Wave from Birmingham AL

the Dizzy are an adventurous band seeking a thrilling encounter close to home. Shows are spectacles, recordings tight and shiny, likes roleplaying love and working out inner impulses to drastic results. Four players in a piano passion palace.

$5.00 - $6.00


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