YungRod 2G, Money Gang Muzik, Roscoe, Kidd Trouble

Hip Hop from Birmingham AL

Southern Music Mogul who seeks to bring positive images to hip hop as well as her community

"Music is passion and I am passion in the flesh. " YungRod GGucci

YungRod GGucci is a young, female MC who has been compared to the likes of Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Sista Souljah and MC Lyte. This emcee's mission is to provide positive role models and influences to communities similar to her own. YungRod2G is admired by her colleagues and supporters as a philanthropist, artist, and humanitarian. She has a history of work with a list of non-profit organizations both national and international. Also the Founder of Ambitionz: Fine Arts and Music INC, this artist is definitely in a league of her own; who hopes to mentor youth through fine and modern arts programs. After accepting her prowess as an author, YungRod2G began her venture into the hip hop and music culture of Birmingham, AL in 2012. Currently working on her debut release, Controversy, YungRod2G hopes to represent every facet of her being, from educational success to freedom of self expression. Join the journey, and enjoy the ride as we witness the world being enlightened, one song at a time.

Money Gang Muzik

Rap/R&B from Cleveland OH / Birmingham AL


Kidd Trouble

Hip Hop / Rap



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