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Child Abuse

"Child Abuse is logical result of an entire generation raised by Nintendo and overbearing, Tipper Gore-admiring moms. "Reading is for people who don't vomit, and Morbid Angel lives in my closet next to my porno!" the band seems to shout with its avalanche of Casio squeals, death-metal percussion, and forgot-to-take-my-Thorazine howls."- Flavorpill

Killer BOB

killer BOB is a band originally found in the house where punk rock, contemporary jazz, new music, noise metal, and conceptual art sometimes hang out. They take these myriad roots and plant them in open, natural spaces – so that they may forge something new to cover the land. You may call it “art-rock”. They call it “post-core”, referring to these traditions they have touched peripherally (simply by being in New York City, simply by having a computer, simply by caring), and the distillation that occurs when these are filtered through four individuals.

MERMORT sounds film

Formed in 2004 this five-piece sound/film collective from Tokyo, has been creating another universe combining rock, hard-core, progressive, classical and noise galore. Their lyrical yet vivid pieces possess messages that bite you, then leave you with luke-warm feelings.

Normal Love

Since forming in 2005, NORMAL LOVE has stood firmly in the zone between feral intensity and strategic rigor; bypassing existing standards and inhabiting a strobing black-lit world where apocalyptic decadence meets the iron fist of Draconian law. Members are currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Taking cues from a number of influences, NL drew from the vast well of pioneering artists transcending the confines of no wave, industrial, contemporary composition, extreme metal, noise, outsider pop, oddball punk, musique concrète, and free improvisation. At times, Normal Love
has even invoked the creative talents of a select few of their unsung contemporaries, challenging them to write compositions of immense depth and complexity for the band.

Since their debut self-titled full-length album, the group’s
heightened internal focus has both sharpened and unified their approach– distilling their efforts into a potently severe and aesthetically viscous gestalt (in regard to both sound as well as presentation). Their most recent full-length CD/LP, Survival Tricks, is out now on Public Eyesore/ugEXPLODE. Subsequent US/Canadian tour dates will take place August, 2012.
Premiere Music Video:

Rachael Bell – voice/keyboard
Jessica Pavone – amplified violin
Amnon Freidlin – guitar/electronics
Evan Lipson – bass
Max Jaffe – drums


Procatrosist has collectively been held responsible for the conjuring of such rituals as Krallice, Orthrelm, Humanity Falls, Salo, Death First, & The Flying Luttenbachers. This ritual is Infested Blood-influenced metal.

Mick Barr - guitar
Eston Browne - gutturals
Joe Merolla - bass
Weasel Walter - drums


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