The Dead Boys

The Dead Boys

Originally known as Frankenstein, The Dead Boys were a punk rock band formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1976 after the breakup of Rocket From The Tombs. They adopted the name The Dead Boys when they relocated to New York City in July 1976 where they were active until 1979. They briefly reunited in 1986 and again in 2004 and 2005 without Stiv Bators who passed away in 1990.


FFN = Formația Fără Nume (Band Without Name), romanian band founded in 1971 at Club A - Architecture College Club, Bucharest.
Founding members:
Cristian Madolciu - vocal, guitar, percussion (coming from the Sfera and Dynacord)
Florin Dumitru - Drums (Modern Group, Phoenix (23) and Mondial (5))
Doru Donciu - vocals, flute (Coral (4))
Radu Stoica - vocals (Mondial (5))
Gabriel Litvin - guitar, vocals (Barzii and Mondial (5))
Silviu Olaru - bass guitar (Grup 22 and Andantino)
Șerban Bolintineanu - organ (Grup 22 and Dynacord).
All the songs was composed by trio Gabriel Litvin, Silviu Olaru and Cristan Madolciu.

1971 - Radu Stoica, Șerban Bolintineanu left the band.
1973 - FFN first big concert was organized by TVR at Rock Festival at the Palace Hall (Sala Palatului) where they won the first prize and became known to the public.
1980 - Doru Donciu was replaced with Marcel Năvală - vocals, bass
1981 - Florin Dumitru, Marcel Năvală left the band, Lucian Rusu - drums, joined band

Currently, Gabriel Litvin, Silviu Olaru and Cristian Madolciu live in Toronto, Canada, a few minutes of each other, Lucian Rusu lives in Ottawa, Canada, Marcel Năvală lives in Philadelphia, US and unfortunately Florin Dumitru died in 2002 years in Los Angeles, US.

Gabriel Litvin, Silviu Olaru and Cristian Madolciu continue to work on weekends, they gave several concerts for Romanian Community and for the general public in some clubs from Toronto, Canada.



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