Wendy Clark

Wendy Clark

Wendy Clark is the band leader of The Wendy Clark Band and was the founder of Denver-based original rock band Tequila Mockingbird. Active on the Front Range music circuit and indie scene since 1996, Wendy is a writer, composer, guitarist, bandleader, recording artist, manager, and promoter. Her music is classified as Americana rock, and plays to non-specific genre consistently, the execution of each song - although the melody and playful lyrics combined with Clark's serving of infectious melody and sarcastic and thoughtful philosophical meanderings and with a twinge of nostalgia, that are catchy, powerful, and kept fresh by delving into multiple genres.

With a new EP from WCB expected to drop in 2018 and features bandmates, Chris Coward, David Derby, Bill Crick, as well as Brian Blush of the Refreshments and is a canvass or act in a virtual playground of what defines why we all like to write something that means whatever you want it to mean.

The Inablers

The Inablers are an up-and-coming rock’n’roll band in the Denver music scene, playing to a loyal following of fans. The band has found a groove in the hidden gems of Denver’s SoBo, Colfax and small festival music scene by blending an eclectic set of originals, deeper track covers and knocking the dust off of some carefully chosen timeless tunes.

With diverse musical influences, The Inablers drink from a cross-genre musical well spanning deep-cut gold from rock ‘n roll, punk, and blues. Band originals play in a similar sandbox with all members sharing the mic and songwriting, distilling the spirit of the “Blurs” roots into thoughtful and personal lyrics, melodic harmonies and hard driving, danceable rock.

Be sure to check out the tunes at theinablers.com, and the band in the booming live music scene in Colorado.

The Inablers are Matt Fiore on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Peters on bass and vocals, Yaron Marcus on drums and vocals, Matt Hynes on rhythm guitar and vocals, and featuring “Dazzling” Dan Craig on saxophone.

P.S. If you’re wondering if the Inablers name is the regrettable product of misspent youth, dodging rhetoric for more colorful exploitations… We have a confession to make. It’s not. Two members of the band were English majors, so we feel entirely inabled to take artistic license with the damn name.

The Grand Tour

In 2013 The Grand Tour formed with the talents of Chris Helvey (percussion), John Jarvinen (bass), Adam Moore (vocals, guitar), and Alec Wenzel (lead guitar), to deliver our message. Heavy groove and soul is what this rock and roll band is about. Chris, John, and Adam lay down the groove, and Alec brings the blues. So, come check out the show.

$10.00 - $15.00


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