FRI MAY 18 - Black Absinthe  -  TORONTO - Cherry Cola's

Black Absinthe

Black Absinthe are a contemporary Heavy Metal trio from Toronto. Their latest album Early Signs of Denial encompasses the big riffs and solos of classic Metal, with technical drumming and stylistic fluidity, which reflects a wide scope of the current Metal soundscape.

As an independent act, Double Experience have accomplished hundreds of shows across 16 countries and released critically-acclaimed music which landed the band within top 10 of Canada's Loud Charts in 2016. Additionally, Double Experience have shared their adventures and business acumen at hundreds of high-schools, colleges and pop-culture conventions in North America and the UK in an endeavor to empower young artists.

Trampa was assembled in Brasilia, home to some of the leading bands of the Brazilian Rock, and is mainly influenced by various genres and subgenres of Rock,such as grunge, post-grunge, indie, punk and Stoner Rock. Since their first official concert in 2006, an EP, three studio albums and two DVDs were released, many concerts in most of the main cities of Brazil were played and some great projects were developed, always in - and for - the independent music business.

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