"When R.I.P. came crawling out of the sewers of Portland, OR two years

ago, their grimy, sleazy Street Doom was already a fully formed

monstrosity that quickly infected the minds of everyone it

encountered. Now, borne from the band’s declining state of mental

health and increasing focus on songwriting, Street Reaper is an even

more unhinged and menacing album than their 2016 debut In The Wind.

Borrowing equally from 80s ‪Rick Rubin productions and Murder Dog

magazine aesthetics, Street Reaper is a streamlined yet brutally raw

manifesto of heavy metal ferocity hearkening to the era when both

metal and hip hop were reviled as the work of street thugs intent on

destroying America’s youth. Throughout, Angel Martinez’s guitar and

Jon Mullett’s bass are inextricably interlocked, sounding like a

massive sonic steamroller, while drummer Willie D keeps the beat solid

and simple for the most powerful impact. And, the band’s extensive

touring and excessive virgin sacrifices have clearly endued singer

Fuzz with evermore agile vocal chords to drive it all home with

extreme precision.

R.I.P. is now bringing their renowned and terrifying live show across

the United States in support of Street Reaper and in opposition to all wimps."

Lightning Wolf

A dual guitar 4 piece band for fans of crunchy riffs, snarling bass, pounding drums and wailing vocals.

Iron Sun

$12.00 - $14.00


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