Ginny Mules

Ginny Mules

Recognized as finalists in the renowned Rockygrass Festival band competition in 2017, the Ginny Mules draw from varied elements of American music and heritage, each member bringing their own blend of Appalachian music, Blues, Folk & Bluegrass to the table. The end result sounds a lot like BluesGrass, with a focus on tight vocal harmonies and the raw, bluesier elements that give Ginny Mules their distinctive sound.
The band first began to coalesce when Liz Forster (guitar and vocals) met Keenan Copple, the band’s banjo and slide guitar player at a Denver music store in 2013. The pair began playing music together almost immediately. Weekly jam nights with Keenan, Liz and Phil Hanceford (mandolin and vocals) materialized, and the trio began the epic quest for a bass player. On a friend's recommendation, they called on Carbondale native, Sheena Gruber. Forster says, "We caught a lucky break with Sheena. She plays terrific bass, looks and sings like Bonnie Raitt, and is a great fit for us vibe-wise." Rebekah Durham (Juilliard grad and former member of San Fermin), joined the band in 2016 and rounded out the official lineup of Ginny Mules with her incredible 5-string fiddling and original songwriting.



GA Seated || Please note, there is a two drink minimum in the room.

Advance tickets are available online until 5:30PM, day of show. Any remaining tickets can be purchased at the door at showtime.


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