Quintron's Weather Warlock

Weather Warlock is a band based around and instrument of the same name, created by New Orleans musician / inventor Quintron. The instrument is a large analog synthesizer which is controlled completely by the weather and employs sun, rain, wind, temperature, moon, and lightning to affect an F major drone chord with special sonic events occurring at sunrise and sunset. Please check out www.weatherfortheblind.org for a full explanation and live stream of the instrument.

The four members that make up the core band for this tour are: Quintron, Gary Wrong (Wizzard Sleeve, Kajun SS, Jeth Row records, etc), Kunal Prakash (Jeff The Brotherhood), and Aaron Hill (Eyehategod, King Louie, etc).

There will also be a handful of locals from whatever town we happen to be in. To give an example, recent Weather Warlock players have included Steve Shelly (Sonic Youth), Sean Ono Lennon, Nels Cline (Wilco), Paula Henderson (Sun Ra Arkestra), M.C. Schmidt (Matmos), Jason Hodges (Suppresson, Bermuda Triangle), Barry London (Oenida), Cooper Moore, Bonnie Jones, Paul Grass (Egg Yolk Jubilee), Travis Blotsky (9th Ward Marching Band), and Luke Stewart (Sun Ra Arkestra).

Yellowstone Apocalypse

a Cleveland based duo consisting of Mike Sopko and Joe Tomino. Mike plays guitars of all styles and sizes, likes to run marathons, and plays table-tennis. Joe plays drums and cymbals, does headstands, and is a plant-based chef.

Together they drink small batch organic coffee, practice yoga, and snack on Trinidad Scorpions. Their music is a blend of devastatingly heavy, painstakingly slow, and joyful noise.

$12.00 - $14.00

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