CIMINO: The Hard Rock Powerhouse From Kansas City, whose music spans widely across the board in terms of genre. Most easily classified as Rock and Roll, CIMINO has been classed as Post-Grunge and Alternative Rock, with ballads that even cross over the lines of Pop. However, they most often fall into the category of Hard Rock. When reviewed, CIMINO is commonly compared to bands including: Shinedown, Buckcherry, and Alice In Chains, yet there always seems to be one thing separating CIMINO from the current rock scene. Most cannot quite put their finger on it, while others say in confidence, it is the “Old School, Rock and Roll Feel. “ Raised listening to bands such as Van Halen, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, and Guns N’ Roses, it is very evident where these guys got their roots. The CIMINO experience is one of a kind, with an audience spanning from age 12-50. It is very clear that CIMINO appeals to a diverse age range of people. As the younger one’s seem to latch on to the catchy ballads, the older crowd seems to always be rejuvenated when the guitar solo comes around, reminding them of the guitar gods they grew up listening to. The combination of both is something truly amazing, something unstoppable. Every lyric, every hook, and every riff, when combined seems nothing less than spectacular.


Death By Diesel

Death By Diesel is an ass moving, pedal-to-the-medal, fist in the air, no-bullshit act to keep your eyes on! Rollin' like one badass bitch out of control!

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