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The Home Team

The Home Team are a band from Landmark, Manitoba. Formed out of the ashes of the band Gooch, a band that at one time included The Undecided member Dan Thomas, The Home Team signed with RocketStar Recordings in 2002 and released the album Time and Place which was produced by Get Up Kids producer Ed Rose. Members of the Home Team went on to form The Details.

20 Stories Falling

20storiesfalling is a post-hardcore band hailing from Orem,UT. The band consists of guitarist/singer Colton Swapp, Guitarist, Brad Rhoades, Bassist, Tai Olson, And Drummer Oakley Hill. The band is currently supporting their brand new record titled “A Reminder Of You” which contains 6 heavy hearted, emotional songs that pack a punch of teenage angst. The themes of this record come from Swapp’s first hand experience of heartache, loss, anger, and frustration.

“I started playing in this band because I felt that I had some stuff to say about things that were going on around me. I have things to say about things I see in this frightening world I live in. I have things to say and that’s really what this about. Just like many other bands, I like to write music that really captures those things that I’m going through. Every song we have is about something that I have gone through, or am going through. 20storiesfalling is really an attempt to capture those feeling and turn them into art. For us, this is all much more than a band. We are all artist. We all come from different backgrounds. We are artist that have things that we feel, think, and believe. We All have things to say about the world we live in. We all use this band as a voice for those feelings. We are all very big fans of other artists and bands, and we draw a lot of inspirations from records that changed out entire outlook on things like life and we hope that some of that bleeds through into our sound.” -Colton Swapp.

Having musical inspirations ranging from The Smashing Pumpkins, Rush, Matchbook Romance, Thrice, and Coheed and Cambria, A Reminder Of You promises to deliver on those vulnerable edgy points that 20storiesfalling embraces. The band’s record, A Reminder Of You is now available world wide on websites such as Spotify, Itunes, I Heart Radio, and Bandcamp.


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