Two Inch Astronaut (Farewell Show)

Two Inch Astronaut (Farewell Show)

In the woods outside the small affluent town of Cherry Falls, Virginia, a teen-aged couple, Rod Harper (Jesse Bradford) and Stacy Twelfmann (Bre Blair) are getting romantic in a car when a black-haired female appears and murders them both.

The intimate music of Den-Mate—the latest project from DC
songwriter/producer Jules Hale—is arresting, like peering into a funhouse
mirror. Her sparse, dreamy jams reflect and distort private nighttime
thoughts of desperation and isolation, transforming abstract fears into
throbbing bass lines and static-washed riffs. Drawing a bridge from Chimes
Records' dreamy guitar pop and the exciting world of progressive
electronica, Den-Mate brings a new style for adventurous listeners in DC
and beyond.




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