Alright, Alright, Andrea von Kampen, Igaus Davis

Alright, Alright

Alright Alright is an eclectic folk band who create powerful connections with audiences through honest stories performed with grit and heart. Influenced by a wide variety of musical genres and drawing on life experience gained from being married and parents, this vibrant duo has been building a catalogue of music since 2005. While China is a Vanderbilt-trained pianist with 30+ years of musical experience, Seth is a self-taught musician who relies on instinct and intuition. This unexpected combination takes listeners on an emotional journey they will want to take again and again.

Andrea von Kampen

"If heaven had a soundtrack, I think it would be Andrea von Kampen’s EP “Another Day.”"- Hear Nebraska

“The first thing you’ll notice about Andrea von Kampen’s “Let Me Down Easy” is her voice. It’s a yearning voice that soars far above her low, booming guitar. If her belting doesn’t get you, her vocal flips on the chorus of this break-up song will.” - NPR Music, Tiny Desk Contest

"We watched Andrea's video and we were instantly drawn in by the soulful sounds of her voice and guitar." - Delakoro

"The ability von Kampen possesses to move from soft, polished falsettos to loud, dynamic octave changes is simply incredible."- Hear Nebraska

Igaus Davis

I have come to know more and more deeply that, for me, learning how to ask a question is just as important as searching for it's answer. When I sift through what to ask, I learn more about my desires and prejudices and fears and what I excel at and what I do not.

After 7 years of song-writing, I've found that most of my music comes out of questions about what makes life good; steadily finding the balance of not having an answer for it most of the time, and finding peace in not having an answer.

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