Tyler Lyle

Growing up, Tyler Lyle vowed never to go into music when he got older. "As a kid we were always taking family trips to Nashville so my dad could play the Bluebird Cafe or attend some songwriting symposium, and I resented the city for stealing my vacations away," recalls the West Georgia native. But at age 15, he haphazardly picked up his father's guitar, quickly mastered a few chords, and soon started writing his own songs. In 2011 Lyle released his indie-folk debut "The Golden Age & The Silver Girl," solely through Bandcamp—then re-released the top-five seller the following year to find it named one of the top 10 albums of 2012 on NPR's World Cafe. In 2013, he was awarded the Abe Oleman Scholarship for songwriting presented by ASCAP and the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. He is currently at work on a new full length album.

Joshua Fletcher

Born in Macon, Georgia, Joshua Fletcher was raised just south of Atlanta in the suburbs of Fayette County. His first foray into songwriting came in the form of aggressive two minute long punk tunes penned for his then band, The Knockout. Like many in the genre, he grew accustomed to writing lyrics from the perspective of the underdog.

“It’s pretty hard to be punk in the suburbs, so obviously I couldn’t write about ‘typical’ punk things. I stuck to the ‘youth as the underdog’ kind of theme. It was probably pretty silly, but it’s where I was.” Fletcher’s subject matter shifted with his style, but has continued to write often with the viewpoint of someone fighting an uphill battle. Where the songs began as anthems to empower an apathetic youth culture, there has been a shift to a more personal aesthetic. This shift came about with age, experience, and a realization that the most powerful songs often came from a very personal place.

“I still think there’s some underdog in these songs,” says Fletcher, “I think most folks feel that way sometimes. For me, it just so happens that some of my most honest songwriting moments have come in those times.”

Over the years, Joshua Fletcher’s songs and intimate live performances have garnered him attention from some of the music industry's most well-respected personalities. He has shared stages with Charlie Mars, Hanson, Nicole Atkins, The Jayhawks, and the Damnwells. In 2013, Joshua Fletcher was hand selected to open Butch Walker’s hometown album release party at a sold-out Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. One of Fletcher’s most ardent supporters over the last several years has been Alex Dezen of the Damnwells, who signed on to produce the upcoming full length, “Ready, Aim.” As well as producing, Dezen appears on nearly every song, along with an impressive cast of musicians including singer/songwriter Madi Diaz, and Whynot Jansveld of (Harper Blynn and Butch Walker). 
Joshua Fletcher’s songs are about relationships. They’re about our loneliest hours; surrounded by the buzz of a city or alone in an empty house. They are about the moments we share with the ones we love, about turning something brief into something eternal. These are songs written from an inside-out perspective. Songs that breathe and grow and shift and change as we do. These songs will be the world’s introduction to Joshua Fletcher.

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