BENISE: FUEGO! - Spirit of Spain

It’s one hot night as guitar virtuoso Benise unveils his fourth spectacular new PBS production
FUEGO! - Spirit of Spain.

‘Fuego!' is an unprecedented journey of music and dance that pushes the bar of traditional Spanish guitar and celebrates the grace, passion, and spirit of Spain. Benise, ‘The Prince of Spanish Guitar,’ adds his signature guitar twist on such classics as Granada, Malagueña, Moonlight Sonata, Asturias, and Adagio.

A beautiful and charming Spanish courtyard is the backdrop as Benise debuts all new music, dance, and costumes. A musical adventure that includes the ‘Dress of a Thousand Roses’, the world’s largest Flamenco fan, and many more surprises!

Benise, armed with his Spanish guitar, is backed by a stage full of musicians and elaborately choreographed dancers. Benise handpicked the Gitanas, the dancers in ‘Fuego!,’ from a global pool of brilliantly diverse talent. Flamenco dancers take center stage in Benise’s tribute to Old World Spain. Breathtaking couture fashion and innovative staging and choreography give Spanish dance a fresh and luminous makeover.

‘Fuego!’ captures world music at its best, with a show that appeals to the hearts and souls of people of all ages, cultures and musical backgrounds.

The Emmy award winning show for the whole family!

$29.00 - $95.00


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