No Line North, SPOUSE, Trevor Healy

No Line North

NO LINE NORTH cultivates a uniquely unified sound that blends laid-back vocals and bright harmonies with guitars, violins, loop pedals, vibraphone and a driving rhythm section. NLN’s explorations of time and space are channeled through orchestral quiet folk/pop, distorted garage rock, train beats, improvisation and hypnotic rhythms. Paired with impressionist lyrics, the resulting sonic fields of love are an eclectic version of Americana that transcend and bend genres in ways that sound familiar yet are strikingly unique and all their own.

SPOUSE is a band based throughout the Northeastern United States. The group came into existence in 1995. Founded in part by front-man, José Ayerve, the group has hosted a wide array of musicians from throughout the region. The current line-up of the band includes: Naomi Hamby, Ken Maiuri, JJ O’Connell, Kevin O’Rourke, and Dan Pollard. In addition to a pair of singles released in 1999, Spouse has since produced four full-length albums and one maxi-ep, plus a video for the song, “Hangover Cure for Humanity” from their 2007 release, “Relocation Tactics”. Their latest offering, “Confidence”, is slated for national release on May 18th. This album marks the band’s first collaboration with the Austin, TX – based, Nine Mile Records.

Trevor Healy

TREVOR HEALY is a luthier and guitarist based in Easthampton, MA. A life-long musician, he has also devoted his life to instrument making since graduating from the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in 1999. He went on to work with guitar maker Roger Sadowsky in Brooklyn, NY and in the repair shop of Gary Brawer in San Francisco, CA.

Through these experiences, Healy gained the knowledge and skills necessary to start his own shop. In 2011 he founded Healy Guitars and now builds his own line of acoustic and electric guitars, and performs all types of repair work for local and touring musicians.

His forthcoming record entitled "Catch No Eye" features original compositions and interpretations of music by Ravi Shankar, Terry Riley, and John Fahey. The music presented here bridges his influences from the old time string band music of his childhood to the modern composers Lou Harrison and Leo Brouwer he studied in college. What was originally intended to be a solo guitar album was methodically arranged into much more lush arrangements with contributions from drummer Jason Labbe, violinist Sam Moss, pianist Emily Lee, flautist Robbie Lee, and his father Colin Healy, on mandolin and harmonica. The 6 and 12 string guitars used on the record we’re built by Healy as well.

Trevor Healy is currently performing this music in a trio setting with upright bassist Joshua Owsley an


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