Best Worst Marathon 2: The Ascension

Best Worst Marathon 2: The Ascension

Frequently requested and always ignored...until now! Yes, it's the return of our Best Worst Marathon, an evening of expertly curated crowd-pleasers featuring work by non-filmmakers, over-the-hill filmmakers, and just plain weird filmmakers. A self-made hero takes on a Satanic cult. A genre heavyweight delivers a baffling finale (?) to his career. A Canadian road odyssey that will have the crowd on their feet. And more! We're limiting it to five features with a pizza break in the middle set to some Christian madness (pizza is on us). Total run time: approximately eight hours.

$15 admission, $10 discounted admission for Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society members.

April 12-30, 2018

$10.00 - $15.00


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