Hellspawn: Short Films of the Damned

Hellspawn: Short Films of the Damned

Demons, witches, religious zealots, and a cursed garden shed are just some of the horrors revealed in this eclectic and unholy collection of shorts. Total running time: 110 minutes.

"We Summoned A Demon"
(Dir. Chris McInroy, 6 min, USA)
CFF favorite Chris McInroy ("Death Metal", "Bad Guy #2") is back with a tale of two losers who (you guessed it) summon a demon in an effort to become cool.

"East Hell"
(Dir. Callum Smith, 8 min, USA)
Two teenage goth girls turn to a dark ritual they found on Reddit to get revenge on the popular girls at school.

(Directed by: Mike Marrero & Jon Rhoads, 9 min, USA)
A woman’s girlfriend refuses to have sex with her until she gets a haircut. Now all she has to do is brave the apocalypse, get to the barber shop, and make it back home before it’s too late.

"Blood Shed"
(Dir. James Moran, 13 min, UK)
From the wonderfully twisted mind behind Severance comes this EC Comics-tinged horror/comedy about an unusually bloodthirsty garden shed.

(Dir. David Mikalson, 9 min, USA)
A cult of women successfully conjures a demon, but one of them unintentionally thwarts their plans when the creature takes a fancy to her.

(Dir. Carl Shanahan, 8 min, UK)
Desperate people sit in a dingy makeshift waiting room, anxious to see a man who specializes in fulfilling certain desires.

"In The Dark, Dark Woods"
(Dir. Jason Bognacki, 4 min, Canada)
A flawlessly executed fairy tale about a cursed woman and the lengths she’ll go to for love.

"The Daughters Of Virtue"
(Dir. Michael Escobedo, 12 min, USA)
A prayer group stages an intervention when it’s revealed that one of them has sinned against another.

"Rites Of Vengeance"
(Dir. Izzy Lee, 4 min, USA)
A trio of nuns take matters into their own hands when the nefarious actions of a priest are exposed.

(Dir. Alberto Viavattene, 15 min, Italy)
A cruel nurse in a decrepit geriatric home supplements her income by stealing from the residents. When she finds out that one of them is celebrating her 100th birthday, she hopes to score big. If only she knew the truth about the woman and her two sisters.

"Just After Midnight"
(Dir: Jean-Raymond Garcia & Anne-Marie Puga, 22 min, France)
A blind primary school teacher turns to witchcraft in an attempt to regain her eyesight in this atmospheric and shocking gem.



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