VAMPIRE CLAY - Philadelphia Premiere

VAMPIRE CLAY - Philadelphia Premiere

VAMPIRE CLAY - Philadelphia Premiere
(Dir. Soichi Umezawa, 2017, Japan, 81 min)

From Japanese special effects master Soichi Umezawa (Dr. Akagi, Bright Future) comes a singular horror experience in an imaginative and hilarious marriage of The Blob and The Evil Dead.

After studying in Tokyo, Kaori returns to Aina Academy to finish her prep classes for art school. Her time away has made her a better artist than most of her classmates and she soon begins making top scores on projects. Things begin to get strange, however, when she finds some clay left behind by the building's previous owner, who died tragically at his workshop, and begins to use it for sculpting assignments. Following a mishap with a razor blade and the disappearance of one of her most jealous classmates, her teacher and the other students soon find themselves dealing with murderous, bloodthirsty clay monsters. The figures attempt to imitate and subsequently devour the students (seriously), thus answering the age old question: can a work of art be so bad that it kills?

Rest assured: you have never seen a movie like Vampire Clay.

“An excellent midnight movie.” - Daily Grindhouse

“Gleefully absurd.” - Dread Central

April 12-30, 2018



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