THEY REMAIN - Philadelphia Premiere

THEY REMAIN - Philadelphia Premiere

THEY REMAIN - Philadelphia Premiere
(Dir. Philip Gelatt, 2018, USA, 102 min)
Writer/Director Philip Gelatt and Producer Will Battersby in attendance!

William Jackson Harper (The Good Place) stars in this critically-acclaimed adaptation of the short story "-30-" by cult favorite writer Laird Barron. Two scientists are assigned to investigate an unspeakable horror that took place on land once occupied by a murderous, Manson-like cult. Operating out of a high tech encampment in a remote area, they observe abnormal wildlife behavior and discover a strange artifact of unknown origin that leads to an onslaught of strange happenings. The scientists are thrust into a nightmare of paranoia and violence as the occult power of the land itself begins to manifest.

" engrossing genre piece..." - The New York Times

"If Lovecraftian horror and survival stories are your jam, They Remain is your crack." - Indiewire

Cinedelphia Film Festival 666
April 12-30, 2018



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