INDIANA - Philadelphia Premiere

INDIANA - Philadelphia Premiere

While most paranormal investigators are either cheap con-men or tacky hacks on bad reality TV shows, the Spirit Doctors are of a different breed. Operating out of a small rural town in Indiana, old friends Michael (Gabe Fazio) and Josh (Bradford West) are genuinely invested in helping people, driven by empathy and pathos first and foremost. Whether the hauntings and possessions are real or imagined, their service gives people closure and a much-needed sense of peace. After years in the business, and with a baby on the way, Michael is ready to call it quits, while Josh wants to hold on to the one thing giving him and his teenage son’s lives purpose. On the eve of Michael’s departure, they stumble upon one final case that will challenge them in ways they have not yet encountered and will never be able to forget.

First time feature director Toni Comas first garnered attention as co-writer of the comedic sleaze-fest Bag Boy Lover Boy (a much-loved selection of CFF 2015), but with Indiana he goes in the opposite direction, establishing himself as a filmmaker with a tremendous talent for pacing, mood, and heartbreaking human drama. Beautiful cinematography, an emotionally complex yet understated script, and excellent performances make Indiana a must-see for fans of recent paranormal dramas such as A Ghost Story and Personal Shopper.

Screening with:
(Dir. Måns Berthas, 2017, Sweden, 15 min)
Lukas, a pre-teen metalhead and his family visit the hospital, where his grandfather has just passed away. While some of them are there to grieve, Lukas has other plans.

(Dir. Melissa Ferrari, 2017, USA, 7 minutes)
Based on actual testimonies from members of Narcotics Anonymous, this animated film focuses on the legend of the Mothman of West Virginia.

Cinedelphia Film Festival 666
April 12-30, 2018



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