Musical Theatre Ensemble

Musical Theatre Ensemble

Our Musical Theatre Ensemble (MTE) classes will focus on each of the three main concentrations of musical theater; voice, dance, and acting. Great emphasis will be placed on recognizing the relevance of each discipline as it relates to musical theater and preparing students for auditions and musical theatre performances. Each class period will be devoted to- 1) vocal development, 2) improving acting skills, 3) learning choreography; all to help students develop musical theatre skills. The culmination of this course will result with students gaining a broader understanding of musical theater from their participation in a fun and exciting musical theatre performance experience that will increase their abilities and help them to become well rounded performers.



The Musical Theatre Ensemble program is a 16 week program that runs from Sept 12, 2018 - January 9, 2019. Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm. $360 program fee or $95/month for 4 months. No class October 31, November 21, or December 26. MTE 1 6-10yrs and MTE 2 11-16yrs. Bring Jazz Shoes and wear danceable clothing. Costume requirement for shows: black jazz shoes, black jazz pants, branded shirt that is new each year.

Fall Performance Schedule:

Oct 20 - Zombie Fest Main Stage 12pm

Oct 28 - Coco Sing Along 3pm

Nov 11 - Disney Kids Cabaret 6pm

Nov 17 - Funsters Dance Party Fundraiser for the Education Scholarship Fund 8pm

Dec 16 - Holiday Tea 2pm

Jan 11-12 - Winter Shows 11th 7pm and 12th 2pm

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