Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Fans of NBC's The Office best know Creed Bratton as the disturbingly hilarious, popular character of the same name. What most do not know is, not only has he been acting since the late 60s in films such as Mask and Heart Like a Wheel, he's a bona fide classic rocker extraordinaire and a founding member of the legendary rock band The Grass Roots – makers of hits such as "Let's Live for Today" and "Midnight Confessions".

Since joining the cast of The Office, Bratton released a trio of solo albums – 2008's Creed Bratton, 2010's Bounce Back and 2012's Tell Me About It. Even with his busy TV acting schedule, including "Garfunkle and Oats," "Franklin and Bash," "Liz and Dick," and in films such as "Terri", "The Sound of Magic" and "The Ghastly Love of Johnny X," Bratton remains extremely active in music. His live one man show is a perfect example of Creed's ability to combine his immense musical talents with his unique, one of a kind comedic mind.

After 9 Seasons on The Office, we have yet to learn many details about the character Creed. But, here are a few things we do know (or what we've been told):

He was originally hired by Ed Truck and now serves as the quality assurance director.

He lives in Toronto, spending three nights a week there in order to milk the welfare state, and surreptitiously sleeps under his desk the remainder of the week.

During work hours, he is usually playing spider solitaire.

He has faked his own death, at least once.

He has been involved in numerous cults, as both a follower and a leader.

As a child he was left on a doorstep and adopted by a Chinese family, which also explains his ability to speak Mandarin Chinese.

His adopted family bound his feet, unaware that the practice was traditionally restricted to young girl, and he lost a toe in the process.

He was in an iron lung when he was a child.

He is a serious kleptomaniac and regularly steals items from coworkers, loves peach cobbler, and has a deep desire to scuba.

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