Halloween Fest Part 5

Obscure Sanity

We are a metal band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We're five guys who love to play technical riffs, fast beats and scream our hearts out. We are really big on getting local bands noticed and playing around our home town as well as in Fort Smith and surrounding states. We are ready to play any shows that are offered to us and we won't disappoint.

We're Less Than Human, an upcoming band from Tulsa OK. We are a metal band, but we enjoy keeping it interesting and utilizing other influences within the genre.

The band is fronted by vocalist Chase Adsit, on the bass guitar is his twin brother Colton Adsit, on guitar we have Brittany Graves, and keeping time signature is Josh Marraccini on the drums.

Solid Ground

Daddies of DeathGroove

Violent Victim

Formed in November 2015, we are a quick rising metal band.


Formed in 2016 AlterBlood introduces a new age of power metal and heavy rock.

Mother's Little Bastard

Mother's Little Bastard Is Fucking Metal

$10.00 - $12.00


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