Tropic Bombs

"Your music makes me want to chug a margarita with one hand and punch someone in the face with the other." - Zack Jacobs, Light Horizon
Confused? You should be. Tropic Bombs is a concoction of various sounds and styles from all over the musical spectrum that will leave you wondering which genre - or era - you're exploring. Each song has its own feel, each part its own character. Whether you are into epic guitar solos, quick-witted hip-hop lyrics, beachy reggae vibes, bouncy funk grooves, mosh-worthy rock, oh-so singable choruses, smooth and mellow rhythms to relax to, or even a bit of south-of-the-border sultry sounds, Tropic Bombs has something for everyone. Sit back (or get up) and enjoy an eargasm from this musical cornucopia.

The Ice Cream Militia


Ego & The Maniacs

Composed of members of bands gone by.
J Mo: Sindikit, The Fighting Hellfish, Anicca, Kasper the Fake
Jay: Sindikit
Knuckles: DeKay, One Minute Mile, Kasper the Fake

Emma Lee


Grubby Paws

$8.00 - $10.00


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