Zoso - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Tribute

In 1995, Zoso was formed to create the most mesmerizing and accurate portrayal of "the biggest band of the 1970s" - Led Zeppelin (Rolling Stone). Each member was selected to portray both the appearance and playing styles of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham and John Paul Jones. Zoso almost immediately developed an outstanding regional reputation and were awarded "Best Tribute Act in California" by Rock City News.

In 1999, Zoso began touring nationally, playing a remarkable 2,400 live performances, honing their show to become one of the most musically and visually rewarding acts in North America. Their passion, musical ability, showmanship and precise attention to detail earned them critical acclaim, name recognition and a large loyal following. The Los Angeles Times hailed the group as being "head and shoulders above all other Zeppelin tributes," and the Chicago Sun-Times declared Zoso to be "the closest to the original of any tribute."

Every year since its conception, Zoso continues to play 150 - 180 high profile concerts at performance arts centers, civic centers, theaters, festivals, and universities. Since 2004, the band has been working on numerous shows with Live Nation including a rotation of 9 House of Blues venues. The four permanent members' mastery of authentic vintage instruments coupled with spot-on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards, their compelling stage persona and distinct Led Zeppelin sound, with astounding visual imagery recreates the music, magic, and mystery of a Zeppelin concert. Each of the timeless hit songs performed in their sets are known and loved by generations of fans.

Zoso, comprised of Matt Jernigan (Robert Plant), John McDaniel (Jimmy Page), Adam Sandling (John Paul Jones) and Greg Thompson (John Bonham), actively self-promote each engagement. Their Web site, www.zosoontour.com, registers more than 125,000 visits annually and their national email fan base exceeds 15,000 addresses. A publicist supports the group's tours and individual performances.

If you missed Led Zeppelin live in the '70s or are looking for a great chance to relive the "Hammer of the Gods" phenomenon, you must experience what the St. Petersburg Times calls "the most exacting of the Zeppelin tribute bands in existence."

The Gypsy Bravado

Denton Origins

The Gypsy Bravado began in 2008 with the late bassist Jeff Dacus and singer Michael Todd. Singer/guitarist Shawn Burgandy and drummer Lou Anderson joined in 2009, then added singer/keyboardist Mo Myles in 2011 with the departure of Michael. Due largely in part to the sudden death of Jeff in 2014, the band went on hiatus for over a year until its reboot with bassist Brandon Kerth in early 2015.

Backgrounds reaching from UNT Music Majors, music group leaders, and production students, the band features a diverse musical melting pot which leaves genre something to be determined by the fan. The Gypsy Bravado considers themselves rocknroll, nothing more, nothing less. Come be a part of the experience!

Werewolf Therewolf

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