Philly MC. Boxing Aficionado. Alaa Udeen. Odrama Vin Laden. Vincent Price. Death Messiah. Genocide General. your WORST fucking nightmare.

ILL BiLL is the realness, everyone respects BiLL. He has been through a lot and has always repped it, whether keeping it gully in the projects, cracking promoters in the mouth on tour with the Beatnuts, or influencing alot of your favorite rappers on the low, his time for HUGE SUCCESS IS COMING! Bill is Necro's older brother by 4 years, and has been doing music since a teenager, playing bass and doing lead vocals in the deathmetal band, Injustice. At the same time Bill was writing metal songs about Satan, he was crafting his rhyme skills, getting jocked by every thug in the projects for his skill. I remember kids would run whole blocks to catch up with Bill just to show love and that was in '89. Back then you could catch Bill rocking full fronts (a whole bridge of gold teeth) with fitted hats and $300 polo shirts when NO WHITE KIDS WERE spitting rhymes in the middle of Bed Stuy or earning props in the streets, not online behind a fucking computer but in the gutter along with his little brother Necro, the two would go everywhere.

Chuck ChillOut wanted to sign Bill in '91 but the deal he offered was so wack he couldn't do it. We had gotten our hands on this book called, "All You Need To Know About The Music Business", written by Janet Jackson's lawyer, Donald Passman, and that was it!

We wouldn't let anyone fuck us in the game, it was probably a blessing, cuz if we hadn't gotten that book we might have gotten signed and ruined our careers instead of starting our own labels.

ILL BiLL owns Uncle Howie Records which is his own record label, but he records on the side for Necro's label, Psycho+Logical-Records. Necro is one of the dopest producers in the game and Bill's brother so recording for Psycho+Logical- is a natural move, just as natural as Necro producing shit for Bill's label.

ILL BiLL is set to drop his debut solo album on Psycho+Logical-, titled, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH BILL?" and it is already being hailed a classic before it has dropped from all the leaked tracks. Bill rhymes about anything you can think of in a dopeway, whether kicking violent rhymes, rhymes about his life, freestyle battle shit, original concepts and topics, or metaphorical shit with meaning, politics, aliens, and story telling. Bill is just as good as any rapper out in the game and blows away 95% of them, which is why he will be a legend in the game. To some he is already an underground legend, but Bill is out for more than just underground respect, he wants the fucking world and everything in it. You ask WHAT IS WRONG WITH BILL? you might find out the hard way with a bloody mouth and broken nose if you ever disrespect this veteran, YOU FUCKING BITCHES!!

EKOH comes hailing out of Las Vegas, NV where the last thing the city is known for is a hip hop scene. "Nobody has put vegas on the map, thats what im trying to do without conforming to what mainstream tells people to listen to". Boasting heartfelt, true emotional lyrics, along with hard-hitting vicious raps and intricate beats, Ekoh has something that hip hop music hasn't seen in a long time, TRUE PASSION FOR THE ART AND MEANING OF HIP HOP MUSIC. "It's not all about how much money you make and how many bitches you can get.... How is it real to write about that when half the rappers out there dont have a dollar to their name and have been with the same girl for years (or can't pull one at all)? My music is about embracing REAL LIFE, the struggle, the good times, the frustration, the anger, the heartache. It's all real because its all true. I have felt and experienced it all" At only 21 years old, this groundbreaking MC is destined to make his mark in hip hop music. One listen and it is impossible to deny his lyrical skills. And after paying attention to the lyrics, its impossible to deny his ability to put feelings and emotions into words. We have only seen the beginning of what will be the next big thing in Las Vegas, his name is EKOH.

$16.00 - $19.00


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Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill with Ekoh, Devastate, Chemist

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