Ill Fated Natives + ILL Doots

Ill Fated Natives

Forged in the heart of Philadelphia in the spring of 2013, the earth music power trio known as ill Fated Natives use their live shows to create a blend of gritty blues, hard rock and smooth jazz that captivates the mind and stimulates the soul.

Inspired by the percussive rhythms of the earth, the redeeming nature of water, the unwavering intensity of fire and the striking power of wind; these self proclaimed 'sound sword souldiers' call upon the energies of tribal and indigenous cultures all across the globe as well as the ghosts of fallen heroes and leaders to sing tales of societal freedom and explore the paradigm of inner city love.

ILL Doots

ILL Doots is a Philadelphia based hip hop band which started in 2009 as a dorm room studio project between a few passionate musicians and has since then evolved into an 11 piece live band. Eclectic personalities give way to eclectic sounds. Funk, soul, rock, and hip hop are some of the few genres that make up ILL Doots original sound.

Phantom Vanity

Introducing Brooklyn’s newest powerhouse, PHANTOM VANITY. With inspirations from funk, folk, and soul, this brand new sound is about bringing truth, and inspiring dance within listeners. Vintage Slacker ep is composed of 8 tracks that uniquely speak about the trials and growth that humans endure on this small planet. BOYD (Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Lifted Crew) is the mastermind behind the music. She has been joined by Josh Crumbly (Terrance Blanchard, Kamasi Washington), Dezron Douglas (Louis Hayes Jazz Communicators, Ravi Coltrane Quartet) and Joey Secchiaroli (Gin Wigmore, Reign of Kindo) on bass, Matt Vorzimer (eCussionist) and Rodney Flood (Jennifer Hartswick, RYNO) on drums, Walt Williams (Estelle, Joe, FloRida) and Nick Cassarino (Nth Power) on guitar, and Taber Gable (Terrace Martin) and Kate Kelsey-Sugg (Kate Kay Es, Michael Olatuja) on keys.
The first single ‘PERISH’, with over 42,000 views on Facebook, speaks about believing in yourself and allowing all outside influences and negativity to perish around you. “I want to be able to sing about how we travel through all these self-inflicted barriers that make us afraid, lonely, spiteful. How we mature and become comfortable and fair to ourselves, how we learn to love ourselves and love others,” she said. “I want to sing songs that are empowering,” says BOYD.
After relinquishing her unattainable dreams of being a gold medal gymnast, writer, and co-producer, BOYD, realized her aptitude for writing. She brings a smokey, sultry voice full of depth and soul to the record. “I feel like this is my coming-out party! I get to put my hands on everything and really design the sound and feel of the music I’m creating, from inception to completion. It’s a wonderful feeling that’s completely brand new to me,” said BOYD. She is involved in every step of the creative process. BOYD not only is the writer and visionary of PVM, she also takes on another role as the director of her music videos. She began her studies at Boston Conservatory of Music (Boston, MA) and then completed her BFA at Fordham University at Lincoln Center (New York, NY) with a minor in photography.
This is a fairly new project with it’s incarnation hitting the social media world at the top of the year. That being said PHANTOM VANITY is proving to have a strong voice and paving a new lane for this unique and positive sound. Vintage Slacker ep is available via online digital retailers. Welcome inside the musical world of PHANTOM VANITY.

$10 Advance / $13 Day of Show


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