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The band was started as a side project of the members various other bands. A melodic death metal band all the members were in disbanded, and the group decided to further develop Powerglove. The band’s first recording was “Dr. Wily’s Theme” from Mega Man 2 in early 2003, which was followed by “Storm Eagle” from Mega Man X and the theme from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The band records their music in various locations and mixes them in a home studio. The band recorded and released its debut EP, Total Pwnage, in 2005 (later re-released in 2008). Over the following two years, the band arranged and recorded what would become their debut, full-length album, Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man. The album met positive reviews. Throughout 2008, following the release of Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man, the band had found its way into many publications, such as Game Informer, Metal Hammer, and Gamepro, including interviews with the band members and album reviews.

In May 2008, the band embarked on their first U.S. tour with bands Psychostick and Look What I Did. It was during this tour that power metal guitarist Herman Li invited the band to open for his group, DragonForce, at the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon. After this performance, the band was invited to be a part of DragonForce’s Ultra Beatdown U.S. and Canadian tour, which took place November–December 2008 along with the Finnish metal band Turisas.

A 4 piece unit out of Calgary, Illyrian draws its influences from any and every source of fiction it can sink it's teeth into and delivers a dynamic live performance brought to life by three vocalists, melodic solo work, and groove so thick you can sit on it.

The Spruce Moose

Once upon a time, in the misty forests of Northern Alberta, lived a moose. He was an average moose, living an average moose life, wandering around, eating plants and writing songs that sounded like a mix of Judas Priest and Strapping Young Lad.

One day, he stumbled into a bear trap that had been carelessly left lying around by an ancient spruce tree. For years the moose survived by eating the leaves, the bitter taste of which added some harsh metal screams into the mix. As the years went by, the trap rusted and one day sprang open...

The moose was loose! His years of confinement had given him a thirst for revenge. The newly christened Spruce Moose slowly started to wander south towards Edmonton, where he would spread his strange brand of power/prog metal upon those who wronged him...


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