Aida Rodriguez

Aida Rodriguez

When Aida was a teenager one of her relatives declared that she would
end up a statistic, she did, she is 1 out of the 10 to make it to the finals of
NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Aida Rodriguez’s “edgy, raw and in your face” style of comedy has
set her apart in a world that celebrates funny over double standards. Catching the
eye of some of the most recognizable names in Comedy, she is creating a
lane of her own. Roseanne Barr doesn’t understand why Aida doesn’t have
her own show yet and Keenan Ivory Wayans told the world that she is “like
a dose of truth serum”.
As a single mom of two, Aida has honed and nurtured her craft all while
juggling the daily grind and stresses of family and career. While providing
endless material, family remains the heart of the Aida Rodriguez
experience. “Suddenly, the pages of my journal have become a laughing matter!”
Aida is a regular on some of the nation’s most iconic comedy stages.
She has also hosted and/or been featured on numerous television and radio broadcast
programs including but not limited to, Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show, four-time host of
the PBS’s Imagen Awards, Fox’s Laughs, Nickelodeon’s Mom’s Night Out, Parental Discretion,
as well as NuVo’s Stand Up and Deliver seasons 1&2 and The Wedding Zinger. Aida was
featured in Robert DeNiro’s latest film The Comedian after being handpicked by director Taylor
Hackford. She has a special which is currently airing on Kevin Hart’s LOL, you can catch her in
February 2018 as the Shaq’s All Star Comedy Jam’s first Latina on Showtime and in March on
HBO Latino’s new hit show, Entre Nos.
Aida’s debut comedy album I’ll Say It For You is currently available on all digital platforms and
when she’s not on your television or a local stage, you can always catch Aida on her weekly
podcast Truth Serum on iTunes. Check out everything Aida at


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