Besides Daniel - CD Release

Danny Brewer (better known by his singer/songwriter alias Besides Daniel) found an audience with his mixture of poetic lyricism, evocative vocals, and cathartic honesty. Brewer chose the moniker "Besides Daniel" as an admonition for himself bring awareness to others and not exclusively to himself. Crafting unique folk style songs about friendships, faith, daydreams, and brokeness, Danny's writing and ernest transparency combine to produce moving melodies. "It feels like leather and silk, the guitar rhythms are precise and gentle" Not only are his songs elegantly composed, but they possess a deep emotion rarely displayed with such precision. Brewer's musical endeavors are weaved into a lifestyle of sustainable tiny home life in the rural mountains of Georgia. He and his young family live "off of the grid" in a remote home he constructed himself.

$10.00 - $14.00


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