Bane’s World is a group coming out of Long Beach, CA, lead by singer/songwriter and guitarist Shane Blanchard, who writes and records the music, with other members which help perform the shows live consisting of Michael Seyer, Vincent Reyes, Eric Baisa, and Antonio Aiello. Their music is often described as synth infested Alternative/Indie Pop, with a somewhat 60’s/70’s rock vibe, and 80’s/90’s aesthetic.

About the name, Shane said:

"Bane was a nickname my friends gave me in high school; they just swapped the letters of my first and last name. My friend Max, was like “Banes Slanchard, sound like you were trying to say your name drunk. I don’t know where Banes World, came from—I don’t even like the movie, Wayne’s World. So, when it came down to finding a name to put my demos under, I didn’t want to try too hard to sound cool and ended up sticking with Banes World."

Michael Seyer is the man-child behind the shitty music, accompanied by Oscar the "Assman" Gallegos, Alfred the Alien, Jean Big Dick Pierre, and Pincey Jones.

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