Saved by the 90's

Saved by the 90's

Cowabunga, dudes!

2018 is sooo overrated, but you know what's ALL THAT? The SAVED BY THE 90s PARTY! Boo Ya! Hailing originally from New York City and now active all over the U.S., this party has tons of live 90s music from a totally fresh band (they're da bomb). Get ready for everything from Third Eye Blind to the Spice Girls, from The Backstreet Boys to The Beastie Boys. And after that, we're not leaving you hangin'! As if! Get jiggy with the DJ spinning dope tunes all night.

It's gonna be the raddest thing since Your Mom!

DJ Jerry J

To DJ is to set a vibe and DJ Jerry J has set the vibe for some of Nashville's most popular clubs.

A Nashville native, Jerry Pentecost aka DJ Jerry J has managed to remain a popular name in an ever evolving music scene. A professional mood setter, party starter, a world class multi-hyphenate, he’s known just as well for his drumming abilities behind artists such as Amanda Shires, Wanda Jackson, Ron Pope and countless others. “Playing drums and dj-ing are very similar- you provide a backbeat for people to dance to. Making people dance is what I do!"

Drums and drums alone have the power to make people dance. No other instrument has the ability to create this vibe on its own. Understanding this nature has allowed DJ Jerry J to continue rising as one of Nashville's most requested DJs.

$12.00 - $15.00


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