Nine Tenths of the Law

Nine Tenths of the Law

Playing as many shows in front of as many people as humanly possible before we die. Bringing the message of... there is no message. Just have as much good times as you can before you die. ... and Fuck tha police!


Slingfist is a funk groove metal band from Colorado with a new cutting edge crushing sound. Radio play Metal that will infect your very soul!

SWAMI brings together five musicians who have played in a variety of local bands, including Jane’s Dead, Post, Slack, and Girth, Nasty’s Nightmare and Horse. Drummer Justin Jones and bassist Doug Tackett are joined by guitarists Jeff Enger and Jerimiah Riggin with vocalist Garth Waddups to form a band that offers a unique experience in the Denver rock scene. Diverse talent and artistic influences (The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Melvins, Soundgarden, and Slayer to name a few) inspire the heavy, organic sound of psychedelic soul-metal that defines Swami’s music. Their mesmerizing performances are intensified by controversial lyrics, passionately expressed in Garth’s dynamic and unforgettable stage presence. With a taste of Tool blended with the magnetism of Marilyn Manson, Swami has an authentic, original style that embraces the harmonies of the ancients with the cosmic melodies of the modern age, building a rollercoaster ride into the realms of the musical unknown.

Red Stinger

RED STiNGER is the epitome of existencial. Bred from humble punk rock beginnings, early metal rage, and hip-hop hysteria this intriguing foursome knows no limits to thier uncanny music. Maybe a style all their own, maybe just a blended brand of regurgitated music that somehow touched their soul. It's not so easy trying to test the hands of time. Music is forever changing and will never be the same. Though somehow strangley through during the epidemic of our lives we all must make a choice.... to ROCK? or not to ROCK? What is your answer....
Red Stinger ..

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