Amalgam Effect

Amalgam Effect

Amalgam Effect is a progressive rock band from Colorado. We formed in an amorphous stage some time in 2011, from which point the gestation has been long delayed but ever-progressing. The initial formation of the band began with Mathew Spivack and Chris Childress as they set out together on a professional and artistic venture. This would become Amalgam Effect in its earliest stage: style being negotiated, initial composition taking place, and the spark of artistic kinship igniting the flame of the band that would be. Over the subsequent couple of years and through several minor line-up shifts - one of which saw Kody Little's initial induction into the group and subsequent departure - the band slowly formed. The difficultly with keeping a full line-up eventually resolved itself as everything started to fall into place; it was in 2013 that Calvin Merseal joined the band - an event that was steadily followed by a surge in writing and composition within the group. It was shortly thereafter that Kody Little rejoined the band, and the progress and productivity has only come even further with his addition. As we are now, we still need to find the keyboard player to complete our band's formula, but we have nonetheless found solidarity as a unit in its own state of completeness for the moment.

We are, respectively:

Mathew Spivack: lead vocalist, flautist, guitarist, lyricist.

Chris Childress: bassist, vocalist

Kody Little: lead guitarist, vocalist, lyricist

Calvin Merseal: drummer, vocalist, lyricist

Depths of Dimentia

Depths of Dementia is about doing something completely honest with the creative forces that drive them and writing music they felt needed to be heard. Founded by Drummer Sean Bartholomew and Guitarist/Vocalist Nicolas Camacho, in 2012 to be joined by bassist Max Kaufman in 2017. Depths of Dementia strive to bring their own sound and progressive nature to the metal genre with a wide spectrum of influences ranging from prog rock, to death metal, to hardcore punk, to thrash, to post rock. With their “Dark” EP coming in early 2018, Depths of Dementia is preparing to take their listeners on a sonic journey through the human experience.

Wik was formed in 2017. The band was founded by our mentors Todd Labo and Mark Bradford. They thought we were good enough to start playing out, so here we are! We even let the old guys onstage sometimes.
We play bluesy hard rock, some metal and some pop. Everything from Alice In Chains to The Beatles and Pink Floyd. We also do originals, and are adding more to our set all the time.
The name Wik is a tribute to our lead singer Payton’s grandfather. Wik was his nickname. He passed away in 2014. We rock for you, Grandpa Wik.
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$8.00 - $10.00


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