Sydney Nycole

SydneyNycole, is a singer-songwriter-spokesperson and social activist for good. The Hip- Hop-Pop-Soul artist from Berkeley California's rich community of musicians, has been marching to her own beat for years.

SydneyNycole signed her first contract as a song-writer at the tender age of 16 with Oscar and Grammy Award winning actor/artist Jamie Foxx's Music Publishing Company. Shortly following her signing, she moved on to serve as a youth ambassador for Unite4Good, an international social impact for good foundation that was aligned with the Clinton Global Initiative. The alliance catapulted SydneyNycole into the mainstream.

Unite4Good used her musical talents, grace and social insights to promote social good in cities across the country, and primarily in her hometown of Northern California.

SydneyNycole has advocated for a number of social concerns within her 5 year tenure, serving as their ambassador of Arts Including Foster Care, Stop the Violence, Health and Wellness, Education and Feed The Hungry for the holidays, by partnering with local restaurants to give participants a real dining experience throughout the Bay Area. This annual program served over 2,000 families. She has also highlighted other local artist and dancers within some of her shows. This selfless mission would garner her a number of civic awards and most impressive 2017's Unite4 Humanity's Ambassador of Arts ICON Award in Beverly Hills,CA, sharing the stage with some of the entertainment industries elite.

SydneyNycole's live show, is often compared to some of the pop greats of the 70's and 80's. Her 5 piece band is electrifying. They serve as a perfect compliment too her endearing persona on stage. She has headlined state fairs, political fundraisers, graduations, symphony's and many super clubs. SydneyNycole has also shared the stage with a number of the music Billboard's top artist.Her peers often praise her grace and effortless delivery onstage. Her voice is easy to listen too, and her song writing is captivating.

SydneyNycole has penned over 100 songs to date. She combines originals with cover classics. Her 1 hour show leaves people wanting more.

In addition to her musical talents, she has been a commercial spokesperson for a number of brands and has appeared in commercials with Hollywood heartthrob Blair Undewood. Her music has received national attention with features in TV and film. The NBA World Champions Golden State Warriors featured her music during a player profile segment, during the finals last year.

Currently, SydneyNycole is working with the Brenner Foundation and completing her first album release, which will be a game, in partnership with a lifestyle magazine. She is looking forward to changing the "music game".Look for her exciting new release coming 2018.



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