Monica Blaire

From Mozart to Mainstream, eclectic is the way to describe Monica Blaire. Classical, rock, soul, gospel, funk, hip hop, techno, pop playfully coexist. For Monica, the audience is the performance and her voice is the vehicle. As an artist, she has the ability to create a transformative musical environment one show at a time. She seizes the chance to be a truth seeker and create music that is honest. Monica Blaire is more than an artist. She is an experience.

Nakia Henry

Nakia began creating art at an early age. Five to be exact. First the Detroit native began with dance, then she moved into acting in college and has now finally embraced vocals. Very soon after graduation from Fordham University, Nakia made her Broadway debut in Hot Feet, a musical that danced to the rhythm of Earth, Wind and Fire. Though she was a part of the ensemble as a dancer, while off stage, Nakia spent most of her time in the dressing room, singing. That very dressing room is where Nakia began to take her gift seriously. After the show closed, she began to work on her own vocal project. These elements combined with the understanding that everything is within, make up REMEMBER ME, her debut album intending to reunite the self with the Self.


Hailing from Houston, TX, Nikki always knew that she wanted to be a singer. Much like her favorite animal, the peacock, whose feathers are a beautiful hidden treasure of color, Nikki’s voice range is classic and beyond her time. You can probably find Nikki at Sugar Hill Lounge, Azul Lounge, or Grooves Bar and Lounge crooning her way into the hearts of the audience. Her voice makes people fall in love with her one note at a time. She’s also sung background for Carl Thomas, and has opened up for artists such as Joe and Donnell Jones. This will be Nikki’s first time performing on an NYC stage and she is very excited about the opportunity to share her gifts with us.

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