They Wore Love & Resistance: Songs of Truth, Love, Freedom & Justice

They Wore Love & Resistance

JazzSoul Vocal composer Valerie Troutt in conjunction with the Queer Cultural Center of San Francisco present "They wore love and resistance: songs of truth, freedom and justice" An evening of music performed by all queer jazz, folk, soul and world music artist. Each artists will share their unique stories of truth, freedom and justice through song creating an intimate conversation illustrating the struggles and triumphs of queer life. Series we will celebrate, commemorate, dance and uplift our community to aspire to live one more queer day.

“They wore love and resistance: songs of truth, freedom and justice” will be a revival of song claiming space for the future with a promise of liberation and groove. This evening will feature Funk Soul vocalist Tory Teasly, Folk singers Melanie DeMore and Blackberri. Jazz sensation Stephanie Crawford and the fascinating rhythms of World Music ensemble Vnote featuring singer, percussionist Jackie Rago.



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