Cat and the Queen

Cat and the Queen is Barrie born musician and theatre artist Cat Montgomery. Focusing primarily on theatre it wasn’t until 2012, when Cat’s mom gave her, her childhood piano did she start focusing on it with any kind of kind rigor. Soon enough her interests jettisoned into exploring more sounds and tools, thus leading her to invest into, “the Queen”, her beloved Nord Stage II piano.

Cat Montgomery is a trained theatre artist and pianist. She combines the two: she kicks up in the composition/songwriter/pianist department, and executes her music live with her highly passionate performance ability. The music flows between raw to satirical and back again. Her live act is composed of the killer talents of Dave Love (drums) and Brent Maidens and Doug Williams (bass)
“Cat and the Queen is raw, energetic, vulnerable, hilarious, poignant and visceral.”

“Cat and the Queen is doing her own thing! When it comes to it, she is most often associated with the likes of Tom Lehrer, Tori Amos, B52s, Kurt Weil, Bette Midler, Kate Bush, Tom Waits and Jefferson Airplane.”

Til Howl is:

Jared Jukes - Vocals / Guitar

Ben Ewing - Bass

Ryan McNabb - Drums

$12.50 - $15.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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