Sludge band from New Orleans known for their misanthropic lyrics and endless troubles with law and drugs. They broke up in 2000, but reformed 5 years later. Lead singer Mike Williams was arrested in 2005, following the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, but with the help of supporters was released in December of that same year.
On August 23, 2013 the band's drummer Joey LaCaze died from respiratory failure, aged 42.

Mike Williams - Vocals
Jimmy Bower - Guitar
Brian Patton - Guitar
Aaron Hill - Drums
Gary Mader - Bass

Sex Prisoner

Members Kyle Kennedy-Bass/Vocas
Kevin Kennedy-Vocals
Gilbert Flores-Drums
Matthew Underwood-Guitar

To Live A Lie Records
Bad Teeth Recordings

Members of Territory (2), Gatecreeper, and NORTH. Aural filth, exterminate the world.
Grindcore/Crust/Death Metal from Tucson, AZ

Hailing from the hot desert of Arizona, Languish is a "supergroup" of sorts, featuring members of death metallers Gatecreeper, the monolith slab of doom that is the band North, and our very own Territory (that we released the Blowback 7" for last year). The band combines the very best from all of their other projects; the massiveness of doom, the misanthropy and blood-lust of death metal and metallic hardcore. The songs reverberate with both the crushing doom and the harsh barb of grindcore, all held fast with hardcore furiosity.

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