Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam are an American thrash metal band, formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1981.
We made our live debuts in local clubs and in California and had the opportunity to play with bands such as Megadeth, Armored Saint, Alcatraz, Malice, Exciter, Mercyful Fate, Riot, Autograph. Mark left and the 17 year old Michael Gilbert joined the band in 1985. Flotsam and Jetsam released two demo tapes in 1985, Iron Tears and Metal Shock. We created our own video "Hammerhead" from the Metal Shock demo in Jason's living room. We also recorded live video from the infamous club Bootleggers. Those combined with the demos made a good impression on Record labels and after we contributed to the Speed Metal Hell II and Metal Massacre VII compilations, we got a deal with Metal Blade Records.
Then we recorded our first album in Los Angeles with producer Brian Slagel. The release of "Doomsday for the Deceiver" was on July 19, 1986. Many considered this album as a milestone in the history of thrash metal and we were the first band in KERRANG's history to achieve the 6K rating. Bassist Jason Newsted, who was also the band's main lyric writer, departed soon after to join Metallica, replacing their bassist Cliff Burton who died in an accident. Flotsam and Jetsam had asked another local bassist Phil Rind, "Sacred Reich", to fill in Jason's place for a short time. We then acquired Mike Spencer from Sacramento band "Sentinel Beast". The band signed with Elektra Records before touring Europe with Megadeth in 1987.


Driving guitars and chugging bass take the listener to ancient catacombs where incantations Awaken the Wicked, to the dark of night Upon Devils Wings, or to a war torn Earth where you will engage in battle with Hell's minions! Killer double bass and blast beats bring each song to new levels of brutality!


SMACKFACTOR…This whole project began when formed in late February of 2004. From then on, an unforgettable distinct style of metal has emerged… Tribal infused Power Metal! Smackfactor has the ability to grow on you , grab hold, and never let go! Just ask any of our many loyal fans! This very diverse style of metal is forged by hard working team members with extensive professional backgrounds. Backgrounds not just in metal and hardcore, but also in classical, tribal, folk, jazz and cubanismo (to name a few). Ranking with thier unique sound comes an energetic performance answering the question to the reason why we are in the entertainment business. “You will get your moneys worth” at a SmackFactor show, along with a huge selection of top quality merchandise “we” manufacture ourselves! Yes, SmackFactor owns a full size t-shirt print shop supplying the local and international metal industry! SmackFactor has had the honor of playing with national and local performers in and out of Colorado. Some venues include; The Ogden Theatre, The Aggie Theatre, The Bluebird Theatre, Big City NightClub, Iliff Park Saloon, The Gothic Theatre, Hodis Halfnote and The Dickens Operahouse (to name a few)… SmackFactor is currently gaining an even larger fan base since the new CD release and touring plans are beggining to surface! Success for this group is largely accredited to the “superglue chemistry” formed only through overcoming incredible odds such as scam artist sound engineers— to tactically avoiding local backstabbing politics that only serve to destroy the metal scene. SmackFactor will prove to you on all levels with hard work and determination, you can overcome any obsticle and prosper in your path. We simply won’t take “no” for an answer……. Be watching for us………….. We’re looking for you……………. (the one and only)……..SMACKFACTOR

Immortal Sÿnn

Immortal Sÿnn is a 5-piece heavy metal band from Denver, CO. In a sea of modern cookie-cutter acts, the band tries to retain a more familiar and old school sound that propelled bands of the 70s and 80s to superstardom. Taking their cue from thrashers such as Exodus and Megadeth, as well as NWOBHM legends like Judas Priest and Motörhead, Immortal Sÿnn creates a perfect mixture of speed and grit, but can also knock you out with mid-tempo riffs from hell.

Immortal Sÿnn was formed in 2004 by guitarist and sole original member Tony Z. After constant line-up changes and poorly-recorded demos, Tony decided to put the band on hiatus after joining Denver rock band, Phoenix Rising (later called Wild Angelz and, finally, Devoutcast), in May 2007.

Tony revived Immortal Sÿnn in July 2012 with the looming collapse of Devoutcast. He recruited Devoutcast singer Alex Giebler to record the band’s first single, “Whiskey”, in March 2013. It was an instant hit on online radio shows such as The Friday Night Feature, and received airplay on terrestrial stations such as KILO 94.3 in Colorado Springs as well as KRCX 93.9 and 107X in Denver. A completely new line-up emerged in 2015 when the band released their first EP, Barfly, with new singer, Chase McClellan. The EP contained the aforementioned single, “Whiskey”, as well as their first recorded cover, Pantera’s “We’ll Meet Again”.

The next year, a minor success came for the band when they released their cover of The Chainsmoker’s “Don’t Let Me Down” on youtube and itunes. August 2017 saw the band’s first full-length album, Machine Men, which departs from the groups early hard rock style and delves more into the territory of thrash and traditional metal.

Immortal Sÿnn’s goal is to bring metal to the masses, and to show the world that the sounds of yesteryear are still alive and well. They plan to embark on their first US tour in 2018 with a European excursion also being planned for that summer.


Birthed into existence through the gates of Oblivion, this story begun its lore.

Lynx the Huntress, after a night of innumerable libations in her cold dark sanctum once again finding her self in loneliness, anger and regret. She yearned for the days of yore when heavy metal meet steal and the term “hard as nails” was a way of life. Everyone had forgotten, life was now easy and mankind became soft. The Thunder Domes were torn down, going Viking was now illegal. People ate kale and fermented mushroom drink and even the women became operatic and dainty. She had nothing to hunt, nothing to feel and counted the days till the mead took her away from this fragile world. Her days as a mercenary found her soulless and far from her path.

Yet, someone was listening… something that night…something dark and lustful for the same things. Almost the same….

This beast , thrown to the void, a name long lost, but its role in the constant terror and the eventual annihilation of the cosmos, the Viperwitch appears.

It heard her calls and answered. Yet , Lynx was not the only soul in desolation and spiritual turmoil that night. In secret silence The Viperwitch whispered to her the 3 names whom also unknowingly took part under the fateful full moon, its eventual rein over the sacred land if not meet with steel and fury would once again call this its domain of death and sorrow.

Lynx went forth seeking these three legendary beast. From the cold deserts, to the concrete wasteland and the red sea she found the legendary Wolf of Battle Cadence, The Siren of Strings and Screams and lastly The Demon from Hellfire. This is their metal and this is their legend.

$15.00 - $150.00


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