Area 301

Area 301

::301:: is Maryland's own, home grown, high energy Hip Hop Rock Band bringing together a multitude of music genres to create a live experience that takes you to a whole new dimension. From the smooth and sultry melodies of R&B to the deep street rhymes of Hip Hop and topped with the edgy 'in your face' sounds of Rock all together bringing to the stage a vibe that projects their pride as Maryland's own.
Their up-tempo rhythm, funky dance tunes and hard core rhymes bring everyone out to the dance floor. Playing all original music with songs that the crowd can relate to, like, "Can I Still Hit It", "Oh My", "Gotta Have Your Love", "stressed" and the ever so popular, "Dear America". ::301:: brings it front and center with a passion for showcasing their unbeatable talent and love for music while keeping it real and close to home.
Longtime High school buddies, John Noel (Vocalist) and Jarrett Mackie (vocalist) have always shared the same dream of putting together a Maryland based band of local talents. After years of scouting, in early 2013 they finally found what they were looking for and formed ::301:: a band of the areas most talented upcoming artists.
Band members, Mark Brown on Drums, Mike "Big Mike" Caprara on Bass Guitar, Jeff Marsh as Lead Guitar and Music Director, Linwood "L-Boogie" Battle on Keyboard are the heartbeat of the group as their pulsating beats penetrates through the audience. While the bands vocalists are no doubt the soul of the group. In one hand you have Nick "Nicky Skarfo" Scalise, John "Jumaane Face" Noel and "Fats" ripping into your mind with some hard core, heavy hitting, and street pounding Rap & Rock rhymes that take you to the edge and Jarrett "J-Mackie" Mackie who with his silky smooth voice brings a unique Hip Hop vibe that elevates the stage to a whole new level. While in a mesmerizing twist, you get the sultry and alluring voice of songstress Gmerice "Lady G" Thames who comes in with her sweet and sexy sounds to arouse the senses and seduce the crowd.
Together the dynamics of this group is insatiable and undoubtedly demands attention as their passionate energy brings excitement and overall good vibes with every performance. Today, they're in the studio finishing up their next music project but they promise that tomorrow you won't be able to get their songs out of your head.

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