Gravy Jones is a powerful four piece that blends hooky and melodic rock songs with head nodding grooves, often amplified by live climactic performances reminiscent of the worlds best jam bands. Their sound is defined by riff laden guitar leads and a locked rhythm section, but strong vocal melodies and harmonies feature throughout an extensive catalogue. Based out of Guelph, Ontario, the band has performed all across the GTA, had multiple appearances at quintessential Toronto venues, and have taken their unique sound as far as California where they were favourites among the many lingering supporters of The Grateful Dead.

Their self titled EP released in January 2016 asserts itself early as a catchy indie record, but as the tracks roll on the bands dual identity as a groove rock powerhouse really begins to shine. Completely self written and produced, the group shows discipline in creating radio friendly tracks out of songs that can potentially surpass the ten minute mark live.

Gravy Jones has often been described by fellow musicians and fans alike as a “true festival band” with a sound and energy that goes hand in hand with a sunny day and a big stage. The consistent compliment that the band has a “great vibe” never gets old and is a testament to their love for the music and sincere appreciation the band has for sharing it with their fans

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