Corey McCauley & the Hop Jam Brew

Corey McCauley & the Hop Jam Brew

My name is Corey McCauley, born and raised in Superior WI, music has always been an escape measure and hobby for me. Since learning how to play guitar when I was twelve, I've lost myself in music then found myself again and a purpose in between melodies. While moving around to various places soul searching, I learned about meditation, through meditating and with the help of some very good friends I found my voice, with a message needing to be heard. I came back to Superior with a replenished drive, a stronger devotion and new found clarity. Music always has been my medicine, now I want to share it and heal the definition of love.


Everyone who is in Chompers met in kindergarten. This is where they learned to play improvisational music. Their teachers forced them to listen to everything from Smash Mouth to Phish. They endured rigorous experimental training methods. The drummer Sam was often locked inside of the kick drum of various speed metal bands until he absorbed their power. In second grade the band had their first major breakthrough when their song "Break Ya Dick" hit number one on the charts in Japan. Chompers began their first world tour at the start of the following summer break. They played 90 consecutive sold out arena shows. The tour came to an abrupt halt when their manager was arrested for transporting minors across state lines. Following the arrest they decided to take a break to focus on their writing, after all they were not prepared what the rockstar lifestyle had in store for them. They moved into a secret base deep within the Rocky Mountains where they spent the next two decades developing their sound. Chompers finally emerged in the year 2017 AD and to celebrate their arrival the wizards who control the years decided to restart the years. It is now year 1 TC (in the Time of Chompers). Catch them at a venue near you!

Switch Ghost

Switch Ghost·Tuesday, November 14, 2017
With four distinct songwriters, Switch Ghost spans a wide musical territory. A typical live show sees them making their way from guitar heavy blues rock songs in the style of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule to quirky Talking Heads-esque dance numbers with a healthy dose of spacey grooves and improvised instrumentals mixed in throughout. A country-western shuffle might melt into a reggae bounce. A down tempo trance could give way to an arena rock sing along. Middle eastern motifs collide with viking funeral songs in a manner that is both familiar and foreign while digital elements blend organically with analog tube amplifiers in a sound that is both traditional and forward-looking.

$8.00 - $10.00


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