Xylouris White, Asa Irons

Xylouris White

Master of Cretan lute, Γιώργος Ξυλούρης, and Jim White (2) a most innovative and charismatic drummer., have fulfilled a long held ambition in coming together as a duo and recording their first album GOATS. Fluid in nature, exciting and edgy, the music is riveting, compelling, spellbinding.

As George Xylouris, drove Jim White from home to the studio, they saw a lot of goats on Crete’s rocky hillsides. Georges is Crete’s master of the lute. Jim is best known as the drummer of Dirty Three. Goats, jim thought, would be a good name for the recording they were about to make. Goats are quintessentially Cretan animals. They love the high crags. They take risks, calmly look about for new dangers. Goats, Jim and George agreed were a metaphor for the music they were about to invent, music that would fuse traditional Cretan music with rock. Both traditions would of course have to adapt, really adapt, but both these goats are lovers of going right up to the edge and nearly over.

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