The Sweet Remains

The Sweet Remains

THE SWEET REMAINS is an unusual band on today's music scene, headed by 3-gifted and charismatic singer-songwriters, each of whom contribute to the writing and 3-part harmonies that define the band's sound.

Driven by strong lyrical and melodic writing, their songs easily appeal to fans of modern folk-rockers like Jason Mraz, Ray Lamontagne, and John Mayer. However, it is their lush harmonies, that distinguish tSR from the throngs of guitar-toting troubadors and harken back to super-groups of the 60's and 70's like CSN, the Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel.

When Rich Price (Burlington, VT -, Greg Naughton (NYC), and Brian Chartrand (Phoenix, AZ - met for a chance jam-session in a Rhode Island hotel room in 2008, the three instantly recognized a musical blend and kinship that would eventually overcome geography (and solo-careers) to form The Sweet Remains.

Rich and Greg first started collaborating writing songs for Rich's 2004 Geffen Records debut -- a CD that spawned Rich's single "I'm on my way", featured on the multi-platinum Shrek 2 soundtrack. Rich has released three solo albums and written music for many high-profile film and television projects. Hailed by Performing Songwriter Magazine as "a magnetic writer and performer", Greg Naughton (NYC) has played his music all across this country in venues ranging from New Orleans grittiest, to the east room of the White House. His indie released CD 'Demogogue & the Sun Songs' was co-produced by grammy-winning recording artist Phoebe Snow and several of Greg's songs have gone on to be covered by major label artists. Brian Chartrand's journeys as a multi-talented singer-songwriter and instrumentalist have taken him from South Hadley, MA where he grew up to Phoenix, AZ where he splits his time as a solo-artist and front-man of 'The Voce Project' and 'Ten Dollar Outfit.' Since 2003, Brian has released 10 CDs with his various projects.

After that first jam-session in 2008, Rich, Greg, and Brian began writing and recording together during breaks in each of their solo touring when they could all manage to meet at a small home-studio in Los Angeles. They played the tracks for producer Andy Zulla who immediately joined the project, and the band’s debut CD “Laurel & Sunset” was released several months later. The band has been winning the praise of audiences and critics across the U.S. ever since. (USA TODAY selected it as "pick-of-the-week"; BOSTON HERALD said "Its been a long time since 3-part harmonies this lush were yoked to songs this melodically gorgeous")

RECENT HIGHLIGHTS: In the fall of 2010, tSR conducted their first European tour hitting clubs in Denmark and Germany. In 2011, their song "What I'm Looking For" was featured in various placements including a Subaru car ad campaign and with Eddie Bauer. In September 2011, "Dance With Me" was featured in Putumayo Music compilation "Acoustic Cafe" to be sold in cafe's and gift shops around the world. In 2012, they released a DVD & CD "Live at The Canal Room." Jan. 2013 they released their sophomore studio album "North & Prospect."

The new album, NIGHT SONGS, was released September 2015.

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