Curtis Jones and Matt Mundy, Jeff Mosier

Curtis Jones and Matt Mundy

Two of the best bluegrass musicians to be found anywhere!

Curtis Jones - A.K.A Cortini has traveled the world for the past 20 years performing his original music, and amazing crowds with his phenomenal guitar playing. Curtis is a very influential guitarist in the world of Bluegrass and New Acoustic music, and has toured and or recorded with some of the biggest names and best artists in the genre. It is impossible to put a label on Curtis’s music, which stems from the fact that he is such a versatile musician with elements of Flamenco, Gypsy, Bluegrass, Jazz, Classical and so much more in his music. Curtis is also a very prolific composer and songwriter, composing around 800 pieces of music to date. Curtis also Composed and performed most of the music heard on the Roland Martin and Orlando Wilson fishing shows on TNN. Serious Guitar Radio on live365 said”. Curtis is the most original guitarist since Django Reinhardt, and the most technical since Al Di Meola... in short Curtis is one of the best Guitar players on the planet:”. Mr Jones does much more than just play Guitar though, he also teaches music in the public schools in north georgia for the Georgia Pick and Bow as well as many private students. Curtis also produces projects and Musical Directs theatre productions including shows for the acclaimed Alliance theater in Atlanta Ga. Curtis is currently putting most of his time into his new band project Insonnia, the group focuses on almost all original music composed by Curtis and the other members. Curtis has released nine all original CD'S to date and scored hundreds of television shows and films.

Matt Mundy - Many consider Matt Mundy one of the great mandolin players of our time. After taking a break for the past decade, Matt is back, and if you want to catch on of the most unique mandolin (and musicians) of our time, don't miss the opportunity to see him. He is better known for his electric mandolin which gave the legendary Aquarium Rescue Unit much of its distinctive sound. Mundy worked with ARU leader Col. Bruce Hampton as far back as 1984, and appeared on the first two ARU albums, contributing lead vocals to a few songs as well. He also recorded with Béla Fleck, Jupiter Coyote, the Count M’butu Orchestra, Widespread Panic and Kevin Williamson & Shadow Ridge. He appeared on the Phish stage in '93, and joined the band for “You Enjoy Myself.” Jimmy Herring of widespread panic has praised Matt and considers him one of the best musicians around.

Jeff Mosier

The Rev. Jeff Mosier understands the importance of occasionally re-inventing oneself. Especially when you’ve turned 50 years old, and are suddenly aware that time has become far more precious. “Some people are threatened by starting over,” he says. “Me, I love it. I really do.”

In late 2009, Mosier decided to put Blueground Undergrass — the band he had fronted for more than a decade — on hiatus. That group recorded four albums and built a sizeable following by combining bluegrass purism with a jam band sensibility. Mosier liked to describe the sound as “psychedelic hick-hop.”
Ultimately, he began to realize he’d grown weary of playing loud music in bars; it overwhelmed the content of the words he sang every night. “We used to call that band a ‘wall of twang,’ and it was a lot of fun,” he says. “Now it’s a different time. I think people really want to hear ‘songs’ right now. I want to be held accountable for the lyrical content.”

That’s what led to the formation of THE MOSIER BROTHERS, a band fronted by three of the core players of Blueground Undergrass: Jeff Mosier on banjo and vocals, Johnny Mosier on guitar and background vocals, and David Blackmon on fiddle.

Jeff continues to re-invent himself, and now in 2016, Jeff is again shifting gears. Come out and see what Jeff is doing Saturday, April 29.


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