J-Diggs born Jamal Diggs is a veteran in the community known more for his street mentality than he is known for his music took a drastic turn when his mentor and childhood friend of the late Mac Dre was gunned down in a barrage of bullets on a cold early tomorrow in Kansas City, Missouri Many who knew Mac Dre had either heard or seen the J-Diggs, but many did not know the true profundity of this Vallejo California native obsessed

The story of J-Diggs is so deep that many media executives are trying to buy the rights to his life story growing up with both parents in household Jamal somehow escaped his promising future in his maturity took over his youth growing up in the mean streets of the Country Club Crest neighborhood in Vallejo California soon realizedhim to his roots and culture ran much deeper than he ever could have imagined

grew up listening to the likes of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5 and later Run DMC LL Cool J & Too Short he knew hip hop was where his heart after having started rap groups and winning talent shows while appearing on local television stations around the San Francisco Bay Area, J-Diggs was set to make his place in hip hop history

The youthful age of 19 Jamal along with two friends (Mac Dre & Kilo Curt) was arrested in Fresno California for conspiracy to rob a bank because of his involvement in the offense, J-Diggs received a stiff penalty of 10 years while Mac Dre & Kilo Curt got five and eight years respectively

prison, J-Diggs began his leave in a federalt prison in southern California named Terminal Island, he received much respect and notoriety in prison as a warrior and even more as a rapper in 1995, Diggs was shipped out for his leading role in a violent prison riot that left prisoners and officials in prison injured during her "Diesel Therapy "(solitary confinement & surprise jail bills from the authorities) Diggs kept all of the steps while bouncing back and forth across the United States to Federal facilities Louisburg PA Lompoc Ca Raybrook NY El Reno, Oklahoma Fairington New Jersey Allenwood McKean & Schuylkill Pennsylvania

After his incarceration as the trio out to make the unfinished business of creating one of the world's most powerful and respected independent record label, Thizz Entertainment Although hemkomsten Diggs has appeared on numerous television programs ochDVD discs ALL Oh Drama Rickey Lake and recently in 2009 for ALL received high rating television series American Gangsters "Romper Room Gang", he has appeared on DVD, such as Hood to Hood Exhibition of Speed 23 109 Too Real for TV # 3 Montreal TV 1 & 2 Ghost Ride the whip and a list of other

Because of Mac Dre's untimely death Kilo Curt & J-Diggs was forced to step up their game plan they created a logo, Mac Dre and put together a company called Thizz Nation

Many people know J-Diggs and many people do one thing for sure is that he is competent to take this rap game to a whole other level, so if you have not heard of him, you might want in their own words "Ask about me" ...

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