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ELSZ is a Sri Lankan/Australian producer, harpist, dancer and vocalist. She was born in Sydney but spent most of her early childhood in Sri Lanka. Now Brooklyn based, ELSZ recorded the first two singles for her forthcoming debut album 'Blue Scar' at New York City’s oldest recording studio, Sear Sound with Grammy Award winning engineer Jeremy Loucas. She independently released her debut single/video 'Poison', on the 8th of March 2016. Poison is dedicated to victims and
survivors of gender based violence. She has toured nationally and internationally, supporting Sophie Barker former vocalist of UK band Zero 7, Melbourne based producer Andras Fox (Dopeness Galore), New York based performer/
writer Alok Vaid-Menon, New York native - producer/drummer Ignabu (Independent), Sydney based producer Ribongia (October records) & many more. ELSZ is a survivor of domestic violence and her personal experiences of love & violence has
informed her recent work, ELSZ’ forthcoming album ‘Blue Scar’ explores these dualities in their entirety. The raw, dulcet tones of her voice, the use of the harp, her distinctive productions, lyrical
elegance, dancing and evocative live shows have reached audiences worldwide from her hometowns to New York, London, Melbourne, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and more.

Raised in the urban sprawl of Brooklyn, Stranger Cat—the electro pop project from Cat Martino —was born out of a respite in the wilderness. As most stories go, she was seeking a noiseless place for musing, but found instead a sentient beast stalking through the woods, be it animal, alien, or deity; she memorized its sound.

The frequent collaborator with Sufjan Stevens, Son Lux, The Shins, Sharon Van Etten and others, released Stranger Cat's debut album In The Wilderness on Joyful Noise Records, a soulful collection of art pop songs. Marked my Martino's velvet croon, signature vocal looping, and driven by a production style that is both electronic and organic, Stranger Cat delivers intricate, soulful, and dark R&B pop. NPR cites it "Pairs high-energy production with soaring vocals that sound like a dare to be free", while Noisey says it "Hangs in a starry galaxy alongside Bat For Lashes, Kate Bush, Chew Lips, and Purity Ring".

In 2012, Cat retreated from Brooklyn to spend the winter in the Sierra Foothills, writing and recording new songs. In snowed-in seclusion, simple melodies or beats morphed into walls of sound, sequenced in patterns of many-layered complexity. Often a cat would come to the sliding glass door to listen, meowing to be let in. When it appeared daily she called it Stranger Cat, and observed its alien supernatural powers, as she’d heard tell of the Foothills’ long history of UFO sightings and ghost haunts. One day she let Stranger Cat in. The plump feline ate all the kitty food and left.

Whether playing solo, or with a rotating cast of accomplices, Martino concocts a mesmerizing set of sound embraced by a voice at once fractured and full of strength, creating an aurally and visually vivid and energetic performance, making live loops onstage using voice, synths, and drum machines. All of this is to serve the song - dark, sexy, soulful, playful and dream-like - that might just make you let yourself go and dance a little bit.

Riki Stevens

Riki Stevens, also known as Ricketta, was born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut. One can describe her music as, pop soul. Riki's music is a reflection of her many musical influences, providing us with glimpses of her life's journey thus far.

Growing up as the "shy girl" Riki found her confidence and voice through a southern baptist church singing gospel music; but it didn't stop there. Riki also found her voice studying and performing genres like Opera, Jazz, European traditional choral music, as well as contemporary christian music. Riki struggled to settle into her individual unique sound, but her musical journey has made her a flexible artist who will not be confined to a genre. She is actively working on several projects with many artists of different styles, such as rap artist Pharoahe Monch's. Her vocals will be featured on his unreleased new album, singing on multiple tracks.

Riki Stevens is currently working in Harlem, NY as a health and wellness educator, teaching low-income communities in Harlem how to live healthy sustainable lives. "This is the work with the highest return, to improve the quality of all life" - Riki. We believe that her music will transcend into art that coincides with this life mission.

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