Science Speakeasy: Fake or Fact?

Science Speakeasy: Fake or Fact?

How can you tell what’s fact and what’s fake when it comes to science? Join biological anthropologist Todd Disotell for an evening separating the factual from the fantastical. Dr. Disotell uses DNA evidence to test hypotheses on everything from the intricacies of our evolution to the existence of “Bigfoot.” His research is at the cutting edge of identifying new species of primates and clarifying our evolutionary tree.

Science Speakeasy mixes science with storytelling and blends learning with conversation, drinks, food, hands-on experiments, and more.

Todd Disotell

Todd Disotell is professor of anthropology at New York University. Disotell’s current research focuses on the evolution of Old World monkeys and apes. He is also involved in studies on New World monkeys, lemurids and lorisids, human population history, ape and monkey conservation and behavioral genetics, forensic applications, cryptozoology, and molecular evolutionary studies of diseases such as AIDS and malaria.

The Bay Area Science Festival

A 10 day, annual celebration of science with dozens of events stretching from Santa Rosa to San Jose. This festival does for science what arts festivals do for film, literature, painting, and music: it engages attention, inspires interest, and fires imagination across entire communities by offering large numbers of activities and events during a short period of time (Think festival – not science fair!).

$10 Presale | $15 Doors


Ages 21+, ID required for entry.

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